Beckenham Methodist Church

Bromley Road BR3 5JE

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Hola Pedro y Carmen

7-9 yrs


3:35 to 4:05 pm


4:45 to 5:10 pm

This programme introduces songs, flash-card games, short role-plays and reading listening and writing activities.

Games are used to practise phrases and vocabulary and

short conversations.

Las Aventuras de Mifu y Tina II

5-7 yrs


4:10 to 4:40 pm

The programme contains simple stories, games, action chants and songs so that the children learn Spanish just like young Spanish kids do and in the same way as they learnt their mother tongue. These are activities they enjoy and will repeat over and over again, absorbing language as they "play"

Buenos días España

8-11 yrs


5:15 to 5:50 pm

This is designed for 8 to 11 years old and can be used as an introductory language programme for children in their final years at Primary school.

It is more complex than Hola Pedro y Carmen.

The vocabulary and language structures are reinforced with listening, speaking, reading and writing activities.

Mi Viaje por España



5:55 to 6:20 pm

This is an extension of Buenos Días where

more complex linguistic structures are introduced,

new vocabulary is met and topic areas extended.

There are extended role plays.

Our Classes provide:

  • Structured and planned lessons to enable continuity, progression and achievement of goals.

  • Sessions led by a native Spanish speaker.

  • Small, fun classes with children of a similar age.

  • Conversation, basic grammar, games, role-play, stories and crafts.

  • A DBS certificate from both the UK and the Mexican equivalent.

  • Public liability insurance.

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