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This course is an amazing opportunity to practice speaking skills about holidays and know more about Latin Countries. In each class we will dance a Latin song, we will discover new phrases and concepts and we will play some games to reinforce the learning.


En Vacaciones.

In this topic, the children will learn to say the places that they go on vacation. They will make a hand fan for the summer ~(abanico)


En mi maleta llevo.

In this topic, the children will learn what clothes they wear and take in the luggage for the holidays. They will have to recognize each item and put it in the luggage! We will sing a Summer song.


Comprando comida y bebida

The children will learn how to buy food and drinks in a shop in Spanish. They will have a roleplay.


Haciendo una Tortillina- Making a kind of Mexican snack easily. (Optional)


We will send games online to practice the topics the children have learned in each class.

This course is available for all.

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